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The Cannes Film Festival of 2019

Plenty of film festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world, in order to promote movies of different cultures to the public. And one of the most prestigious film festivals is indeed the Cannes Film Festival. Celebrated in France, and founded in 1946, it shows new films of all genres and documentaries from all the places of the world. It is celebrated every year in May at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres. 

Being part of the famous “big three” (the most important film festivals of the world, together with the Berlin and Venice film festivals), the Cannes Film Festival have had a great impact in the viewers of good films in the vast majority of the world. In this 2019, the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzáles Iñirratú was the jury president. Our purpose is to summarize the winners in the event of this 2019, its movies and its basic plots without spoilers in order to you to watch them anytime soon, if you have not.

Awarded movies in the Cannes Film Festival of 2019

Palme d’ Or Prize

The winner of this prize was the movie Gisaengchung, directed by Bong Joon Ho. This movie tells us the story of an unemployed man, Ki-taek. Together with his family, he is going to develop a particular interest in the glamorous life of parks, until they meet in an unexpected incident that changes their lives forever.

Grand Prize of the Jury

Atlantique won the Grand Prize of the Jury. This movie was directed by Mati Diop. The story is narrated starting in a popular suburb of Dakar, in which workers of a construction site of a tower stop working after month without pay – deciding to flee the country by the ocean in order to find a better future for their lives. Souleiman, together with Ada, keeps their journey promising to keep moving forward against all odds.

Chilango - Este jurado acompañará a Iñárritu como presidente de CannesJury Prize

It does not happen so much in the Festivals, but in this 2019 the Jury Prize decided that two movies were worthy of the Jury Prize: Bacurau and Les Miserables.

Bacurau was directed by Kleber Mendoca Filho and Juliano Dornelles. The movie is about the sudden mobilization of the residents of a near-future Brazil, when Teresa comes home to her hometown after the death of his grandmother. Sinister events will occur, and they will change the things for worse for the protagonists.

Although the name of the movie could get you confused, Les Misarables directed by Ladj Ly is not a story about revolution and romance, but the story of a cop that movies to Paris to join the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil, discovering an underworld where conflicts between different groups start to explode.

Best Direction Prize

Le jeune Ahmed, directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luz Dardenne is an amazing movie that shows us the problems of religious extremism. The movie narrates the unconventional story of a Belgian teenager starts to make a plan in order to kill his teacher after he embraces an extremist interpretation of the Quran.

Best Screenplay Prize

Portrait de la jeune fille en feu, directed and written by Celine Sciamma is an outstanding beautiful movie, that starts in a 18th century France when a young painter named Marianne is commissioned to do the wedding portrait of Heloise without her knowing. Marianne must carefully observe her model by day to paint her portrait at night. And every day, the two women become closer, watching Heloise’s last moments of liberty before they can impede the wedding.

Special Mention Prize

The famous filmmaker Elia Suleiman directed It must be heaven and won the Special Mention Prize because of the touch of this documentary. The famous filmmaker travels to different cities and he realizes that there are unexpected parallelisms in those places to his homeland of Palestine.Noticias: Guía de la Semana de Cine del Festival de Cannes 2019 en ...

Golden Camera

Nuestras Madres, directed by Cesar Diaz introduces us in the trial of the soldiers who sparked the civil war of Guatemala. The statements of the victims of the conflict come one after another. Here is when Ernesto, a young anthropologist who works for the Forensic Foundation, realizes that an old woman mentions a lead that could guide him to his father – a guerrillero who went missing during the war. He is going to seek truth no matter what, investigating traces of his lost father in the process.

It is worth to note that the Cannes Film Festival is vastly in content and prizes, but in this section we tried to summarize you some of the winners in order to you to check the stories you would want to watch sooner or later. Some other movies that won important prizes were Mano a mano, directed by Louise Courvoisier (Cinefondation Award), A vida Invisível directed by Karim Ainouz (Un Certain Regard Award), Ikki illa meint, directed by Andrias Hogenni (Canal+ Award) and of course, the great Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, of Quentin Tarantino (Palm Dog). We hope that the next year the Cannes Film Festival can promote more movies of all parts of the world, informing us at the same time of the best of the best of this art.

The Istanbul Film Festival of 2019

IKSV 38th Istanbul Film Festival Kicks OffIn several countries of the world, countless festivals are celebrated with the purpose of promoting movies of different cultures. We can count amazing names such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival, and even the Toronto International Film Festival. There are plenty of them, and the quality of the movies the show to people is simply breathtaking. And today we are going to talk about one in specific; the Istanbul Film Festival and what it left for us in its celebration of this 2019.

The Istanbul Film Festival

For the lovers of movies, the International Istanbul Film Festival is an event that must be watched and enjoyed to the fullest. This movie festival is considered the first and oldest film festival in Turkey, and it has been organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts since 1982. It is still celebrated every year in April in theaters precisely in Istanbul, Turkey. It is worth to mention that the main purpose of the festival since its creation has been the encouragement of the development of cinema in Turkey – this event helps to promote films of the best possible quality in the Turkish cinema market.

Since the very beginning of the festival, more than two millions of spectators have attended the screenings of 2400 films from 72 countries. And it keeps growing, as in held 170.000 spectators in 2007 – again and again breaking its own records.


Istanbul Film Festival to begin online from Friday

The big winners in the Istanbul Film Festival 2019

There were an unbelievable number of movies that were presented in this event. However, only few of them won the most prestigious prices of the festival. We are going to introduce you some of the most important ones, and some synopsis about them if you would be interested on watching them:


Beol-sae was crowned with prize of the Golden Tulip. In words of the judges, it deserves this spot because of “its delicacy, beauty, emotional impact and skill, beautiful portrayal of a young girl struggling to find her place in the world, waiting for the moment that her life will finally shine.” The protagonist of this story is a young girl named Eun-Hee who lives in Seoul 1994. She struggles with passing grades and has problems in his home, but little by little she finds out a new path for her happiness when she meets a school professor named Yong-Ji, starting a unique friendship.

Kiz Kardezler

In the National Competition, the greatest movie was Kiz Kardezler. Directed and written by Emin Alper, it tells the story of three young girls whose names are Reyhan, Nurhan and Havya. They are sent back to their fathers’ home in a poor village in the centre of Anatolia for different purposes, they are deprived of their dreams and goals of having a better life – so they decide to try to hold on to each other in order to keep moving forward.

The Waiter

The best movie of the entire show was definitely The Waiter, directed by Steve Kris Kris. Renos is the main character of this story, and as such he is a lonely professional waiter that suddenly he sees his well-organized life routine changing after many things happen to him. It is such an amazing movie that it deserves to be watched without any spoilers.

The Pigeon Thieves

The best Turkish movie that was chosen as a winner in this festival was The Pigeon Thieves, directed and written by Sinan Sertel. The story is narrated through the eyes of a rogue teenager who is a pigeon thief that assists an eight years old child who is trying to complete a house foundation passed down by his father by doing what he knows the best. It is an amazingly beautiful movie that shows us how far people can go for their ideals.

Passed by Censor

And finally, one of the most revered movies presented in the festival was Passed by Censor, directed and written by Ali Aga. The plot of the movie moves around Zakir, a man who works as a censor in a prison. His days are spent reading the letters of other people, carefully blacking out everything not meant for the eyes of those serving time. There is a point in which he needs to escape of this stressful job, so he decides to sign himself for a creative writing course. The way in which how he is obsessed with his new job crushes his mind, and this will lead him to a psychological conflict with his literary works, making him unable to recognize what is real and what is an illusion. Logically based on the manners of Don Quixote, this movie gives us a different perception of literacy in modern societies.

As you can see, many of the movies introduced the festival of this year are about many different topics, but one aspect in common: to show new contents to the public, because the art of making movies is always going to be as big as the imagination of the new directors that are blooming every new generation.

Upcoming documentary festivals in Istanbul

Everyone can make a film, those are the first worlds anyone would tell you about upcoming film porno, yet there are many point to take into account not only for the story itself but the resources you’ll need, some people are so good at resolving problems and finding money that they could be fundamental for your movie, those are named producers and they can make everything happen, smoothly and professionally if they know how to do their job, so you will need one of those.

I am assuming you already have a story, but if you don’t you better put your heart and into finding one, closer to you and you kind of had to feel like you wrote it yourself, you see a good director needs conviction and a lot of experience, you are basically the orchestra director, everyone will follow your lead, you can never get overwhelmed by making decisions, and the story you will try to portray must be completely understood by you.

That and a mixture of hard good work, a quality and passionate crew can make a great recipe for your movie, and once it has ran its process, pre-production completed, production and post-production are a thing of the past, then what? You must be clear about what do you want from that movie, maybe it was something fun but you definitely want to forget everything about it or maybe you won’t rest until the last person on earth sees it, either way you’ll already have a piece of story, your very own cinematic baby ready for whatever you put your mind into.

It is true, some people will tell you and talk about how easy it is to make a film but I don’t think many people have actually made one, so it is something that might come from you and something you will work with willingly put your soul and mind to it.

Ever since the 1001 Documentary was canceled, for the sexe films there is something missing in the Turkish film circuit and many festivals have come to replace it but none were as big as the 1001, something of a cultural treasure died and nothing has come to replace it.

The contenders

There are strong contenders within the film industry, the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival is one of them, their work might focus on social and political problems but they do accept some fiction into their contenders, their webpage celebrates:

“Our Festival, combining the high-impact vision of international cinema and the deep-impact perspective of international science, and particularly law, was considered by our participants as being the first of its kind in the world.”

International Crime and Punishment Film Festival 2019So we can guarantee that this festival will bring a lot of discussion on the table, many societal problems have inspired many short films, documentary or not, they can have a place into de festival if their speech goes to talk about social problems.

The people attending the festival will feast their eyes with what the contenders have to offer, festival-goers will have the pleasure of view over 50 movies from all over the world, including France and their biggest contender, pornoplus.fr a new french website, each one of them was selected by the theme they are talking about, it either deals with justice, law, society and delinquency among other sensitive themes about our culture, way of being and essence.

One of the strongest festival contestants is the  International Bosphorus Film Festival this festival is very young and might not have such big impact as previous ones, yet it is organized by the Bosphorus Cinema Association (IBCA) and its mission it to provide of a contribution to the development of ethics, aesthetics and technical cohesive movies, the funding and motivation in the creation to young producers and directors for producing new films, and to promote the country’s cinema in the country and abroad, so their influence seeks to distribute films which are great source of knowledge and learning.

To conclude we can say that there options to seek some cultural and film entertainment and not only you will be entertained, the best thing is that we can learn something from the movies we see and we can only hope it will make the world better.

Uncertainty about the 1001 festival

There is always a noise made about those films you can not wait to watch, there is festival season around the corner and thousand of documentaries, fictional works and reallifecam videos, those that are gonna be lined up to meet the festival deadlines and their production crews will be glad to be part of.

This year’s 1001 Belgesel Film Festival promises to be one interesting festival, that is until they decided it was not longer profitable to see it through, this years festival has been postponed, it might be a little bit about the money or it might be a little bit about the people, but it is such a loss for movies and cinema that it might not longer have another run this year, it is not expected from festivals to cancel with such notice but somehow this year it happened. FESTIVAL ARCHIVE / POSTERS | 1001 Belgesel Film Festivali | Film ...

Movies are such a vital source for people to empower themselves, there has been key movies that have helped rise a revolution or there is even some movies that helped move a revolution, a movie is such a powerful thing to look at and as a maker it might be a difficult path, it might not feel right sometimes but it such a honest and beautiful job to express whatever concerns we have surrounded by such special thing as a movie.

It might capture our feelings, it might capture our way of living it is gonna say whatever we couldn’t say with words, of that I am sure, and it is such a powerful weapon even dictators try to shut movies down if their message does not go along with the one they preach, so it is sometimes impossible to come off clean and winning when such a powerful art like cinema is involved in politics.

Politics might be the reason behind the festival’s cancellation

Apparently this years festival was not made possible because Turkey is in such uncertain political place that the eyes are set somewhere else rather than movies, so it is almost impossible to get attendees or as a matter to get funds, they are transitioning from a complicated place to another more complicated place, so it was either fund the festival or not do it all together, which ties the organizations hands behind their backs since they believe it is more important than never to have film and cinema present in Turkish people’s lives.

They even said so on the Festival’s webpage, moglie.xxx, it is a political issue the one that it’s been delaying the festival, they can not meet the peoples expectatives because the funds are not going their way and even if they were, Turkey’s environment is one of uncertainty and doubt, a lot of movie goers have cancelled their participation with the festival since it is such a volatile place to be and at large you could even say that Turkey is not a place to be or to express any form of art right now.


So it has been postponed to cater to what it is been intended to do since the beginning, which is bringing cinephiles together and appreciate the work of the movie crew and story, this might not be possible right now and attending the festival will not be a pleasant memory right now, the organizators said that they will definitely make it happen but not for now, they will be waiting for December until the new president arrives so they will be certain where the Festival stands, and we do not blame them, the organizators are also suffering from this, it is not normal to postpone such important festival, but the issues at hand make it that way for now.Uluslararası 1001 Belgesel Film Festivali 2014, Istanbul #festival ...

An uncertain fate for Turkey’s art circle

The people on the streets are demanding for better things for Turkey’s people they are bringing such violent protest that we can only hope they will be listened, organized mass violence is taking place on the streets, it is not safe for anyone to go out on the street and now, this is one of the few reasons the festival it is withholding itself to wait for a better time to come, this year’s election is making all this possible since it is so uncertain and a lot of people are not happy with the options for a president, people are rising their voices and making themselves be heard by those who refuse to hear.

We are sure that once Turkey finds its peace, the festival is gonna deliver such outstanding, deep and intrinsic projects, they might even talk about the situation they are living right now.