Upcoming documentary festivals in Istanbul

Everyone can make a film, those are the first worlds anyone would tell you about upcoming film porno, yet there are many point to take into account not only for the story itself but the resources you’ll need, some people are so good at resolving problems and finding money that they could be fundamental for your movie, those are named producers and they can make everything happen, smoothly and professionally if they know how to do their job, so you will need one of those.

I am assuming you already have a story, but if you don’t you better put your heart and into finding one, closer to you and you kind of had to feel like you wrote it yourself, you see a good director needs conviction and a lot of experience, you are basically the orchestra director, everyone will follow your lead, you can never get overwhelmed by making decisions, and the story you will try to portray must be completely understood by you.

That and a mixture of hard good work, a quality and passionate crew can make a great recipe for your movie, and once it has ran its process, pre-production completed, production and post-production are a thing of the past, then what? You must be clear about what do you want from that movie, maybe it was something fun but you definitely want to forget everything about it or maybe you won’t rest until the last person on earth sees it, either way you’ll already have a piece of story, your very own cinematic baby ready for whatever you put your mind into.

It is true, some people will tell you and talk about how easy it is to make a film but I don’t think many people have actually made one, so it is something that might come from you and something you will work with willingly put your soul and mind to it.

Ever since the 1001 Documentary was canceled, for the sexe films there is something missing in the Turkish film circuit and many festivals have come to replace it but none were as big as the 1001, something of a cultural treasure died and nothing has come to replace it.

The contenders

There are strong contenders within the film industry, the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival is one of them, their work might focus on social and political problems but they do accept some fiction into their contenders, their webpage celebrates:

“Our Festival, combining the high-impact vision of international cinema and the deep-impact perspective of international science, and particularly law, was considered by our participants as being the first of its kind in the world.”

International Crime and Punishment Film Festival 2019So we can guarantee that this festival will bring a lot of discussion on the table, many societal problems have inspired many short films, documentary or not, they can have a place into de festival if their speech goes to talk about social problems.

The people attending the festival will feast their eyes with what the contenders have to offer, festival-goers will have the pleasure of view over 50 movies from all over the world, including France and their biggest contender, pornoplus.fr a new french website, each one of them was selected by the theme they are talking about, it either deals with justice, law, society and delinquency among other sensitive themes about our culture, way of being and essence.

One of the strongest festival contestants is the  International Bosphorus Film Festival this festival is very young and might not have such big impact as previous ones, yet it is organized by the Bosphorus Cinema Association (IBCA) and its mission it to provide of a contribution to the development of ethics, aesthetics and technical cohesive movies, the funding and motivation in the creation to young producers and directors for producing new films, and to promote the country’s cinema in the country and abroad, so their influence seeks to distribute films which are great source of knowledge and learning.

To conclude we can say that there options to seek some cultural and film entertainment and not only you will be entertained, the best thing is that we can learn something from the movies we see and we can only hope it will make the world better.